Oceanstone Seaside Resort can be found nestled along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean not far from Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. If I could describe the property in three words it would be charming, relaxing & perfect.

I took my mum for a little mother-daughter retreat. We checked in and were given our keys for the Periwinkle Cottage – a sweet little spot featuring two cozy bedrooms & a deck close enough to the ocean that you could throw a rock off into the Atlantic! The cottage had cute features like barnboard throughout, driftwood accent furniture and a beautiful wood stove. DSC_0030 copyDSC_0029 copyDSC_0361 copyDSC_0032 copyWhen we arrived, there was a cute little customized package waiting for us that included trusty tide charts as well as close-by hikes to check out!DSC_0373 copyDSC_0347 copyDSC_0359 copyDSC_0091 copyWe found the guest log that dated back to the early 2000’s – it was sweet to see little love notes from others who had enjoyed their stay in the Periwinkle Cottage.DSC_0064 copyDSC_0056 copyDSC_0081 copyDSC_0084 copyDSC_0105 copyDSC_0055 copyDSC_0088 copyDSC_0097 copyDSC_0160 copyAfter settling in, I took mum for a drive to the picturesque Peggy’s Cove which is a quick two minutes down the road from our cottage. It doesn’t matter the season, the weather, or who you’re with, this place is always beautiful. Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Nova Scotia. Tourists flock year after year to take in the stunning coastline she guards making it one of the most photographed lighthouses around! DSC_0110 copyDSC_0138 copyDSC_0148-Edit copyMum said the coat made her look fat. We laughed pretty hard at this moment. I thoroughly enjoyed being touristy in our home province. I also enjoyed spending some one on one time with my mum. It can seem hard sometimes between work and having other siblings to really scrape out time for just the two of us but I think we both enjoyed the bonding session. DSC_0155 copyFor dinner, we headed for our 6:30pm reservation at Rhubarb Restaurant. I’ve enjoyed several meals here in the past, each surpassing the next experience to the point where I know I’d devour anything placed on a plate in front of me as long as it was made by the talented folks here! We probably could have been rolled out by the end of our delicious meal! DSC_0171 copyDSC_0185 copyDSC_0194 copyDSC_0213 copyDSC_0193 copyDSC_0260 copyAs the night wore on, we caught a beautiful sunset from the back step of our cottage – a view of the sky that anyone would stop and stare at. I threw my onesie on and stepped outside to watch it. It’s been a while since I’ve just stopped to take in a sky like this. Life gets in the way. Time slips too quick… It’s hard sometimes to give yourself the time you really need and deserve to unwind. I came away from my evening at Oceanstone completely relaxed and recharged and for that, I’m grateful!DSC_0288-Edit copyDSC_0269-Edit copyAfter the sun set, I made sure to stargaze from our deck as well. It’s hard to believe we were so close to the capital yet it felt so far from everything. The only thing you could hear was a slight breeze and the waves kissing the shore. The later it got, the wind picked up a little more and the sound of the waves crashing harder was like a sweet lullaby that put me right to sleep.DSC_0319 copyDSC_0343 copyI made sure to put the s’more kit to good use! I love a good ooey gooey s’more before bed! If I could say anything about my stay other than that I love love loved staying here, it’s that you should bring your coziest clothes you’ve got so you can completely unwind here. Wear those ratty sweatpants you’ve had since high school and bring the softest blanket you’ve got so you can snuggle up and de-stress. My other advise: don’t set an alarm! Those beds are too comfy to get out of – stay in bed as long as you can, honey!DSC_0328 copyDSC_0353 copyDSC_0390 copyDSC_0392 copyMy kind of wakeup looks exactly like this: rolling out of a cozy bed well rested, into my warm flannel and checking out the new day in front of the ocean with a hot cup of coffee! DSC_0401 copyA massive thank you to the folks at Oceanstone for inviting my mum & I to stay at their GORGEOUS accommodations. We were treated like royalty and would highly recommend Oceanstone for a stay. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. Stayed here with my sisters and mother to celebrate her 70th birthday. Love the beds and the cozy fireplace! Despite the January chill we still enjoyed ourselves immensely!

  2. We love Oceanstone as well. My son and daughter-in-law were married here in 2012. We had the best time in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and the Oceanstone staff treated us like we were family. Wonderful memories here!

  3. Thanks for sharing this “next door place” experience. The name just sounded familiar to me up to this point. Wasn’t really sure where it was. Oh to have a Hiliary around, life would be so exciting!

    You go girl!

    Love-Roma Sent from my iPad


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