HBH_3420 copy4am airport send offs are not my strong suit – ask anyone who has been there with me; I’m always a basket case and that’s probably an understatement at the best of times. I am both blessed and cursed with having a massive heart; the curse side being the big, uncontrollable tears that I can never seem to hold back under any circumstance. I just got back from delivering my younger sister, Olivia, to the airport as she begins her journey to South Korea where she will teach for at least a year. I’m not going to lie. I cried the whole way home. She’s probably going to give me shit for writing and posting this just like when I write sappy posts on Facebook for birthday’s and such but I think this next step in her life deserves a post.


Olivia is three and a half years younger than I am. When she was born, I hated that my reign of being the only child and grandchild had come to an end. I was no longer the centre of attention but in time, I grew to love this kid a little too much. I smothered her to the point she didn’t walk until much later because I carried her everywhere and talked for her. I’ve always been a little too over-protective of Liv but that’s what you do when you love something I’m told. Over the years, Olivia has been one of my greatest annoyances, my go-to when I needed advice, someone to vent to or someone to steal clothes from. She’s been my best friend, my favourite drinking & road trip partner, and one of the hardest people I’ve ever had on the other side of my lens.

While I’m selfishly devastated about her leaving, I’m equally as excited for what awaits her at the other end of her long travel days. Travelling is by far the greatest thing you can do in life and I’m excited that this gives me a reason to hop on a plane and visit her later this year. I’m so incredibly proud of this nugget. I have gotten to watch her grow into a stunning chick who has a heart of gold, a wild & quick sense of humour, and sky high ambition. She’s the life of the party and at the same time, one of the most rational people I know. She is passionate about every single thing she does and teaching in South Korea will be no exception. The kids are beyond lucky to get this little ball of energy I get to call my little sister as a teacher and the new people she will meet there are equally as lucky.

To Olivia:

Enjoy every minute of your new adventure and make sure you take it all in – the food, language, culture, sights, sounds and smells. The world is a wonderful place and it’s your time to see more of it. Make use of that camera I gave you to hold some more memories to show the rest of us at home what your life is like. Send snail mail when you can. Be careful with that heart of yours. Remain true to yourself. Always remember home is just a plane ride away and the ones you love are only a phone call away. I’ve got the maddest amount of love for you, I’m crazy proud of you & I can’t wait to hear about your days in South Korea. I’ll see you sooner than you know.

With love,

Your older, not always wiser, over-protective, emotional wreck of a sister who will always love the shit out of you no matter what.

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