one sweet world.

My roommate, Brittany and I went for a little drive this afternoon and found some creatively inspiring sights around Antigonish. I’ve been going through a dry spell of creativity lately, or so it feels. The lack of sunshine and warmer weather has got me down. I happened to make the best of this overcast day and got what I like to think are some pretty neat shots.

My tripod posing.

The chauffer. My sassy Civic.

This is one of my favorite photo sessions I have had in a long time. I did the same loop last year with my dad shortly after I had purchased my new camera. We went through Pomquet and South Side Harbour. Comparing the photos I had taken then to the ones I have now (and I don’t intend on bragging) but I see a¬†tremendous¬†difference in my attention to detail, and how to sift through the good and bad and worth while shots.

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