peggy’s cove.

Over the years, I’ve gotten in the mindset that I hated photographing at Peggy’s Cove. Everyone does it. Everyone has pictures of that god damn lighthouse. I don’t want to be like everyone else. After I got over myself, I actually thought about it and I really don’t have any stand out images from my many ventures out to the rocks. Kaylie & I needed a little adventure so off we headed, at rush hour no less from Downtown. As we drove past Prospect, I watched the sun going down and figured we had about 30-40 minutes before the sun really disappeared. The moments that happened while we were in the Peggy’s Cove vicinity were absolutely “take your breath away” “put the phone down” “holy friggin’ shit are you seeing this? We live here!” kind of moments. I’ve packed in some beautiful sunsets in my twenty six years but this was definitely up there in good ones. Although there were no clouds in the sky to hold an afterglow or anything, it was stunning for February. The wind was a little crisp but that was something to be accounted for at this time of year.

The sun took forever to go down which gave me plenty of time to hop around the rocks trying to compose some images. As the last slivers of the sun went down, we stood for a little bit. I helped a lady take a photo of herself with her iPad. Kaylie snapped a few with her phone and for once, I actually put my gear down and took it in with my own eyes. Once it was gone, we headed towards the car to warm up our now numb fingers when I realized it was a full moon. A FULL MOON! At Peggy’s Cove. Jackpot. I pulled my phone out and found out exactly where it was going to come up and when. It would still be a few minutes. I let myself thaw out a little bit, snapped a few more slower shutter shots and then began heading out BUT then, there it was. It was like I was looking into a pot of honey. The moon was just beginning to rise above the barren rocks and my goodness was it beautiful. We pulled into a parking lot. I could barely contain my excitement and pretty well jumped out of my car without putting the brake on. I threw on my 70-200mm and fumbled with my tripod quickly to compose my first shot. Click. I looked and nearly threw up I was so excited. This continued for a while. I think I enjoyed it more than the sunset and that’s saying something.

All in all, I managed to get some incredible shots of my own to add to all the other shots taken by thousands each year at this beautiful spot. We are beyond lucky to be able to call Nova Scotia home. It’s places like this that really make us remember how lucky we are. There’s something about the coast & the crisp salty air that really make your heart happy! It can be the crappiest day but the coast will never disappoint.HBH_6779HBH_6786 copyHBH_6796 copyHBH_6802 copyHBH_6812 copyHBH_6862HBH_6932 copyHBH_6938HBH_6964 copyHBH_7000HBH_6991 copy

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