point michaud & fourchu.

In two days, I’ve eaten two burgers to commemorate “burger week”, I’ve put fuel in my car twice, I’ve met two new people that I’ve adventured with, I’ve probably covered on the upwards of 1200kms with Jennie the Jetta and I’m still all smiles!

I’ve been an avid follower of Jon Brown for a few years now. Jon is a Cape Bretoner, born and raised. He’s a brilliant photographer and all around pretty cool guy. Initially, I thought we would head towards Mabou but as he got in my car, he directed me to drive through Port Hawkesbury and keep going. We pushed through a few little spots, drove through St Peter’s and after a short while, arrived at Point Michaud beach. Point Michaud has unique coastline, much like the rest of Nova Scotia. It seems no coastline is quite like the next you visit. Perhaps similar, but certainly not the same. Jon and I hopped around the rocks, dodged waves and snapped a series of images.

After our hands were raw from the chilly wind, our hair significantly tossed and my eyes watering uncontrollably from the cold, we made our way toward Fourchu where we continued to let the cool, salty breeze blow through our hardened maritime souls. It’s funny how warm you stay while bouncing along the coast, capturing everything you can. My hands always get cold but it’s almost a feeling I’ve become so accustomed to that it’s fine. As long as I can click the shutter button, I’m happy.

The coast we explored today is one I’m sure not many take the time to absorb. I stood there in awe with a stupid smile on my face embracing every crash of the waves and not even looking at my camera. I’m in love with my province. Madly in love, in fact.

I also developed a new love today. It wasn’t of the coastlines I explored. I am in love with Papa’s Pub Pizza Burgers. Life. Changing. We ended off our day with burgers and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Another beauty day ripping around the roads of Nova Scotia in Jennie the Jetta.

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