portrait practice.

I am a lifestyle photographer. My favourite part of that statement is that I capture everyday life and all that goes with it. I love the way the sun captures someones face mid-conversation during an afternoon tea or how a sunset illuminates someone in a golden glow. I love how hands look when they are making supper, reading the paper, wrapped around a hot cup of tea or a nice glass of white wine, burping a baby, painting a boat, whatever. I love hair in the wind or watching hugs happen after you haven’t seen someone in a while. I love all those little moments that we take for granted in daily life and I love capturing the simple beauty that comes with it because someday I know I will miss it. I hope more people think about this as time goes on because someday when you’re gone, loved ones will look back on them 🙂

That being said, my ultimate favourite is when I can capture my loved ones in those moment so I can keep them in my mind and heart forever. Times like these seem rarer and rarer. Maybe it’s because I’ve been stuffing my camera in everyones face for seven years now. Maybe it’s because they’ve suddenly developed a wild phobia against having photos taken. Maybe maybe maybe… Regardless, I love taking advantage of the rare occasion when someone lets me capture them the way I want to.

I find it easier to capture clients in this moment. They seem less likely to look at me with a death stare and tell me off. Most clients pay me to do this kind of thing. You would think the ones closest to me would want to take advantage of my hobby/talent. Not the case. So to my loved ones reading this, ease off. You’ll thank me someday.

I captured Luke today doing a simple, daily task. The sun was just setting. I was home, sick with a cold and grateful to see more potential warmth heading in the house. I saw him with the first arm load of wood and the way the sun was setting in our back grove looked perfect. I grabbed the camera and sure enough, he allowed me to. He never does this! Here’s my result. The only thing I wish was that there was more fill light in his face and eyes. I was standing in our doorway which was dark so it didn’t help. I still like it though.


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