portraits of a stranger: day one.

I woke up this morning in a very good mood. Not only did my iPhone have an update for Angry Birds but my little challenge started today! Photographing strangers is much like trying to talk to a person you think is attractive. How do you approach it? Do you start with pick up lines? Pretend to bump into them? Ask about the weather or take your camera out to start a conversation. I believe all of the above is acceptable however, I only did one of the above. I first thought of the most social place at 9am in the town of Antigonish: Tim Horton’s. I ordered my apple cider, as usual and sat down, awkwardly playing the “I’m nervously pretending to text no one because I don’t know what to do right now” game. Don’t laugh. I know you have done either this or the fake phone call where you pretend your phone is vibrating and leave.

After about 15 minutes, I took my camera out to format the SD cards as I had forgotten to do before leaving the house. I suddenly heard a voice beside me. A couple had been sitting at the table next to me and had noticed I had taken out my camera. I moved over to their table and made connections like small town people usually do. She is a bus driver from a smaller community close by. I listened to the couple tell me that they had gotten engaged last year as she described the rings on her fingers. They were to be married in the new year. The other ring was solid, raw gold. She had been told years ago they could melt the nugget into earrings, a necklace and a small ring but she said she would have lost all of it if it hadn’t been in one piece. After speaking for a few moments, we parted ways. That was that. I had completed day one of my challenge as easily as possible. One less stranger to meet! I have the day off tomorrow so I am hoping to get a few more shots than I did today. Fingers crossed it will be easier and I won’t need any pick up lines or corny jokes (although if anyone has any good jokes or pick up lines I would still love to hear them.)

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