I’m not sure what’s harder for me, preparing myself mentally for this next adventure or literally packing my life into a 50L North Face backpack and a Lug carry on. I’m one of those people who is typically prepared, if not sufficiently over-prepared so knowing there are things I can’t take, or things that I supposedly won’t need is hard for me. I’m the girl who could potentially have dresser drawers, canned food, and emergency flares in the trunk of her car. I’m a little overboard, I know. I’ve expressed my packing issues with friends and then ones who have travelled have told me to take this as an opportunity to practice simplicity – something I could certainly use more of in my life. I kept this in the back of my mind but I truly do feel like I left a lot behind and I’ll still be alright.


I’ve put packing on the back burner over the last few weeks, convinced that I had everything ready. Essentially, I was right. I began to pack yesterday afternoon, about 20 minutes before we left the house to say farewell to my mom, stepdad & two youngest siblings. I laid most of my things on a blanket on the floor and slowly rolled it all into my North Face pack and I HAD ROOM LEFT! Enough room that I can shop while in Halifax today before my flight and still have room! The pack is extremely light while full and fits comfortably – perfect for the frequent moving around that Beth & I anticipate while in Australia and wherever else the travels may take us. The hardest part is packing my gear – my camera body, three lenses, a GoPro and my MacBook plus all the adapters and everything else that goes with it. It’s expensive, bulky and heavy stuff and I hate dragging it places but I sense the next few months carrying it on my back will not only make me jacked but I will guard it like I would guard my best friends life.

Luke and I got a room at The Westin last night. A place that I frequent as it houses a feeling of relaxation and peace while giving you an “at home” feeling. The friendly staff, the elegant yet cozy rooms and OMG the food. Luke and I didn’t really feel like getting the Sierra out of valet last night only to struggle to parallel park that silly beast of a truck so we stayed in and ate at Roy’s Lounge. A steak caught my eye on the menu, served with french fries and coated in melty lemon garlic butter. I thought my mouth died and went to heaven. After all the turkey and delicious food I consumed over the Christmas break, this was wonderful too! I likely won’t be able to afford delicious food over the next few months so I’m taking it while I can. I’ve read a few articles recommending to get a crappy sleep the night before a big flight but my departure time isn’t until 4:30 this afternoon, leaving a whole day of cranky, emotional meltdowns if I had a crappy sleep, of which I can’t afford on my last day in Nova Scotia. We spent the night in bed watching Brad Pitt movies – how could a girl hate that? I woke up early, rested, watching some reno shows on HGTV.


I’m lying here waiting for Luke to wake up and go adventure and have what I anticipate will be a delicious breakfast in a few minutes when my hunger makes me turn into a monster. I have a best friend to say see yah later to and some lululemon to buy and I’m ready to head out. The mixture of feelings floating around my mind are mostly good ones. Of course, there are the feelings of knowing I will miss home, winter, friends, likely potato chips and my vehicles but there are also the feelings of adventure, the exciting photos I will be able to capture, new friends I’ll be able to make, new places I can wake up to… So many new things await me on the other side of the world. Another 40ish hours and I’ll be there. Keep reading and following to see what kind of shenanigans I get into! Say a little prayer for me and my flights. 30 hours of travelling might lead me to insanity.


  1. Hi Hilary

    Yeh your on your way safe travels and remember it is only 6 months, even though you will be home sick the time will go so fast you will be home before you know it. Of course it’s Monday at Scotiabank and I want the matches this morning, still can’t figure out why we did not fire it up yet.

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