puppy love // sawyer.

The only thing better than having cute friends to spend time with is when those cute friends get cute puppies! Meet Sawyer, a twelve week old Golden Retriever with the goofiest, sweetest little soul you’d find!

DSC_9539 copy.jpg

Usually when people ask me to photograph their pets, I kindly decline. I find pets hard to pose and where I’m more of a cat person by nature, I find dogs especially hard to get a good shot of. Cats typically just chill out and give you looks that shoot daggers through your soul, then come and rub up against you as if they’re suddenly ready to accept affection. Dogs are always moving, always curious and seem to have a more extroverted personality… But that all went out the window when my friend Andrea asked me to photograph her and Sawyer, there was no way I could say no! I mean, look at these two!

DSC_9665 copy

DSC_9625 copyDSC_9624 copyDSC_9549 copyDSC_9555 copy

The three of us grabbed coffee, samosas and went for a walk through Point Pleasant Park in Halifax. The weather lately has been hovering at unseasonably warm temperatures but it makes morning walks pretty nice. We stuck around the park for about three hours laughing at the puppy, shooting the shit and meeting other people’s dogs. It’s funny – I’m not a pet owner but yesterday I only cared to learn the other dogs names, not their human’s… It’s so strange but I know it’s all too common. I found myself smiling at more dogs than humans too – also weird and my “puppy” voice came out in full force.

We met these beautiful dogs also! If you need an overload of puppy love, head on down to Point Pleasant Park in Halifax and you can see a ton of adorable pups!

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