roadie to the goldie.

Not having a car obviously restricts a lot of our adventuring. Much like Canada, Australia is a huge land mass. It’s not easy to navigate in a few months but then again, it wasn’t really our plan anyway. That being said, itt would have been nice to see more sights than we have so far. On a rainy Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, one of the relatives of Beth’s host family offered us her car to adventure for the day. That’s an offer you can’t pass up!

We hopped in the VW Golf and headed down the Pacific Motorway for a little jaunt down to the Gold Coast. I hadn’t been to a beach in nearly 7 weeks so getting wet in the salt water was almost a blessing for me. For me, growing up in Canada, I had a distorted view of what Australia would be like. I figured everyone lived with the beach in their front yard, had about a dozen pet kangaroos that grazed in the pastures in their backyard pastures and ate Vegemite sanny’s for every meal. It took moving here to revert my thinking – no, not everyone lives at the beach. For those reading this, I don’t live at the beach either. I live in Brisbane – look it up on a map. It’s a solid hour away from any good beaches!

I was in my element driving a VW down to the coast as it’s no secret I miss the hell out of my Jetta. It rained most of the way down but the rain didn’t stop us from heading down to the beach for a good dip in the waves! I wish I could tell you that Beth and I had some outrageous adventures but we really didn’t. After working all week, it’s nice just to get out of the city and beach hop and that’s just what we did for a few hours. We grabbed some food and headed back to the city for naps. At 25, we live exciting lives for about three hours until we get tired and need naps (I blame this on indulging on nap time as a nanny when the kids have naps! It’s become a good habit!)

When Beth and I moved to Australia, we landed in Brisbane and tried to figure things out from there. We were between Noosa, Surfer’s Paradise and Byron Bay. After being to all three in the past few weeks, I’m very glad we chose Noosa – it was the perfect fit for us, no matter how expensive or quiet it was. IMG_0412DSC_2617DSC_2614 DSC_2553 DSC_2556

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