roadtrip to mabou.

While in Australia, I tried to stay in touch with people from home as often as I could. During a FaceTime date with Bernice, a colleague of mine from when I had worked at the bank, I mentioned that when I got back for the summer, I would love to take her on a road trip to Mabou, Cape Breton so she could show me where she grew up. I had only been to Mabou once before to shoot a wedding and was absolutely blown away by the area. The conversation strayed from my mind but as soon as I saw Bernice once I got home, she reminded me and we set a date to go!

Tuesday morning, I picked Bernice up and off we headed towards the Causeway. Mabou is only about an hour away from Antigonish but it’s extremely worth it. Although things aren’t green yet, the scenery still boasts an intense amount of beauty. The two of us roamed around from 9:30am until around 4pm, seeing every little dirt road we could. I typically cringe at the thought of dirt roads with my shiny black car that has low profile tires but I gritted my teeth and went through some deadly potholes and dusty roads nonetheless.


We ventured to Mabou Coal Mines where we watched some lobster boats come in with their catches of the day. We roamed the beaches, walked along a cliffside and enjoyed the sunshine as we breathed in the salty breeze. We both chatted about having to make more time for things “like this”. Often times, your daily life becomes too busy to slow down and take in the little things like a walk on a beach or a day trip but it’s essential for our body and minds to calm down and appreciate the beauty around us.

We saw Mabou Harbour, West Mabou and all in between. We stopped in to The Mull for lunch to recharge our energy. We stopped at a few houses of Bernice’s relatives because when you’re from a small town, you can’t just go there and not stop in to say hi and grab a little gossip! All in all, we had a lovely drive, a lovely day and I couldn’t have asked for a better co-pilot and Cape Breton tour guide. It was perfect to have someone who grew up in the area to show me around.

If you’re looking for a summer day trip, I would recommend heading to Mabou on Route 19 in Nova Scotia. Amazing panoramic views, cute little restaurants, loads of Nova Scotia culture and some fantastic beaches too! I know I’ll be heading back a few times and would love to get a few client sessions out there. All I could think of was how amazing the backdrop would be for an engagement session or a family session!


We climbed up the bank at the Coal Mines for a beautiful view of the calm morning. DSC_5622


DSC_5608DSC_5606 DSC_5644 DSC_5635

A black car + a dirt road usually doesn’t end well. The GLI needs a bath but it sure was worth it! 

West Mabou Beach with a beauty view of the Harbour!

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  1. Beautiful photos,looks like you had a wonderful day.I know the area very well.

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