sisterly love.

I’m proclaiming this Saturday coming “sisterly love day.” Got a sister you love? Got more than one? Perfect. How about coming out for a photo shoot with your sister(s) and I? For $50 (regular $60), you and your sisters can choose a location (hopefully close to Antigonish/Guysborough) and will receive 15 photos from the shoot. Stuck on where to go? Think of your favorite spot growing up. It could be an old tire swing, the beach, a relative’s house, etc. It doesn’t have to be anything dressy or flashy, just bring a whole lotta love!

The weatherman is predicting a nice day so far for Saturday (though that is always subject to change in Nova Scotia) so what better time than this weekend to get some pictures with your favorite girls!

For example, my own sisters and I got together for photos on Christmas day. They were taken in our own front yard. We coordinated our clothing and all in all, we have some pretty nice shots to give to our parents. If all else failed, we got nice profile pictures for Facebook (DON’T DENY THIS. If you are a girl reading this right now, you are probably caught off guard because you’ve done this. It’s nothing to be ashamed of!)

photo taken by my father. my inspiration. :)

To book: Please email, Facebook or call me.


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