smoke bomb portraits.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to stumble upon some talented local folks on Instagram who love collaborating and creating images as much as I do. I’ve been trying to meet up with each of them over the past few months after lusting over their feeds and I’d finally got the chance. We got to meet up three times over the past week to create some pretty neat images. Although I’ve enjoyed shooting some new things, I’ve mostly enjoyed their company more than anything. I look so forward to creating many more images with these guys over the next few months! If you’re on Instagram, check out @patricio_rojo, @edni.p & @hali.rosborough to see their images!

We decided for two of our shoots together to experiment with smoke bombs that we picked up at an Army Reserve store. These come in all different colours and feed off all different effects. These also definitely cause cancer – they smell deadly. Once opened, the bombs usually last for about 90 seconds. We moved around with them and tried different light and angles. It’s difficult to work with and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve researched quite a bit. Below are some of the shots that I snapped of our experiments together. Many of my shots were actually nicer without the smoke – I loved the portrait feel and I know as a photographer, there aren’t many times that you get a chance to be behind the lens so catching these three in their “natural element” was a must capture for me. I got a big “do not mess with” vibe from Hali, Eddy & Pat and I like it! Like any shoot, I still feel like I have a long way to go but each time will allow me to test myself more and more! All in all, I’m extremely happy with my new connections and excited to see what we can come up with next time we shoot together!

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