soul searching in cape breton.

Summer. A time for vacation. A time for fun. A time for relaxation. Relaxation? Who are you kidding? Summer is probably the most stressful time of the year. Seriously. Between having family and friends home, constant activities and outings, cold beers with your name on it, etc. you’re run off your feet by the time Canada Day comes and it’s exactly how I feel as a result.

If you can’t tell by the tone, I’m a little overwhelmed with summer and it’s only just begun. These feelings stem from endless possibilities and activities daily mixed in with a wild seasonal workload – where is the balance? Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a balance when you have a day job, an actual job and a wandering soul.

I am lucky to reliably get two days off during the week as my weekends don’t exist until wedding season is over near October. I had Wednesday and Thursday off this week; days I needed more than I knew. On Tuesday, I put a feeler ad out on my Facebook to see if anyone wanted to accompany me on a road trip on my days off. I enjoy having someone with me so I don’t eat all the road trip chips on my own, talk to myself the entire day and mainly so I don’t have to set up my tripod on time lapse to capture my activities. As it would turn out, no one committed to joining me on my road trip day. Obviously, it hurts a bit. Maybe I need to use a new deodorant, get new jokes or get a new taste in music OR maybe I’m the only one lucky enough to get days off during the week – I’m not so sure but it was almost a blessing in disguise. I needed the day by myself to clear my head and just be with myself. A date day with me if you will. It’s healthy and by no means did I feel like a loser bombing around in my Tiguan eating my chips and jamming out to tunes that others might not like.

Thankfully, I feel refreshed after two days and 700kms on the Tiguan (who is 6 weeks old now and has 8300kms on her. Oops!) I hiked 8km along some trails in Cape Breton. I went paddle boarding for the first time. I ate some amazing food (also good for the soul.) Overall, I had a few killer days off where I made sure I addressed my stresses head on and made sure my heart was happy! I highly recommend taking a day or two when you can and just do what you love and do it just for you.HBH_6877 copyHBH_6882 copyPort Hood Beach is directly next to Route 19 and is the perfect spot for a dip while you’re cruising along to the Cabot Trail. It boasts a gorgeous sandy beach where you can wade out for ages and a beautiful boardwalk!HBH_6891 copyHBH_6898 copyHBH_6887 copyHBH_6998 copyMy happy place: adventuring with my new Tiguan. Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with it yet? Love my Vdub! _DSC0533 copyTook a stop at West Mabou Beach. The view takes my breath away with every visit. It’s out of this world and just in our backyard! HBH_6902 copy.jpgI’m not usually one to post about food but sweet baby Jesus my lunch at The Red Shoe Pub was out of this world. I enjoyed their daily special which to my humble surprise was a tarragon, lime and lobster salad sandwich paired with a carrot, curry, orange and ginger soup. It was to die for! I washed it down with some Jost l’Acadie – also a favourite for me! If you’re driving along Route 19 in Mabou, The Shoe is a MUST!HBH_6937 copyFrig, I love my Tigasaurus Rex.HBH_6932 copyHBH_7032-Edit copyInverness. AMAZING.HBH_6973-Edit copyChanneling a little Jon Brown with this one – big scene, little person.HBH_7067-Edit copySometimes bae & I just sit and take in the views. _DSC0544-Edit copyUisge Ban Falls Provincial Park is seriously like Nova Scotia’s Narnia. I experienced such a sense of peace while winding through the rocky trail. I enjoyed the waterfall but I enjoyed the hike a lot more. It blew my mind. Seriously. I walked out with a smile on my face that couldn’t be wiped off._DSC0567 copy_DSC0573-Edit copy_DSC0568-Edit copyDay two of my days off involved taking my favourite fellow photog, Jon out for an early birthday adventure. We headed off to D’Escousse to The Groundswell on recommendation from a friend and enjoyed it immensely. For $50, we got to rent equipment for 2 hours and float around on paddle boards or kayaks. We did an hour of each and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun adventure! All in all, an incredible & much needed few days off. I’m left feeling recharged, relieved and relaxed! HBH_7098 copyHBH_7091-Edit copyHBH_7103 copy.jpg

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