south side harbour.

Saturday night, two barns were ablaze under a starry night. The barns had been landmarks in Antigonish County, atop a hill overseeing South Side Harbour. They had been a focus of much of my photography and had always been one of my biggest challenges. I had tried over and over to get the right shot and somehow, I never could up until a few weeks ago. I had finally got a satisfactory shot that I was happy with and I am so happy I had! This is one thing about photographing old fixtures in communities. You never know when they will be gone forever.

leaves with the barns in the background.

The barns were a fixture I had seen almost daily as my boyfriends family lives about three houses away. I have driven and walked by them many times admiring the silent story they had to tell. They had stood many years on top of that hill taking the blunt of wind and storms. I assume they at one point had housed cattle and other livestock and had been a primary housing for a families income. I know that they are only barns, and up until recently they were just dilapidated old buildings that no one really paid much mind to but everyone know which ones you were talking about when they were mentioned.

I had went back today to see the remains. It isn’t a pretty reminder. A pile of unrecognizable rubble still smouldering days later. A few wooden beams were around the wreckage as well as a few pieces of farming equipment but otherwise, a bleak reminder of what had stood there for years.

Here are a few shots I had taken over the years as well as what is left.

an early morning last january. coldest day of the year.

before & after.

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  1. So sad to hear they burnt, I loved them. We didn’t go that way often but I every few years we’d take a Sunday drive that way. Thanks for capturing them in their glory. Are you selling prints of the first photo?

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