squirrel street.


I’ve been cursed with sporadic ambition lately. What’s that? It’s a condition where for approximately two hours, you’re beyond productive and focused and then it evaporates unexpectedly. You’re tearing those to-do lists up and your ability to multitask is stellar. Suddenly, for no reason at all, you hit a wall. The cat videos are suddenly on your screen and you realize you’ve actually watched 48 minutes of them straight thanks to the ever suggestive sidebar on YouTube. You eat out of sheer boredom. You stare endlessly at the list of shit you have yet to do, and although it’s overwhelming and immense and would make more sense just to battle it one task at a time, you’d rather count your own arm hair then attempt to be productive. You can’t sit still and pace a hole in the floor. You announce to those around you “I have so much to do” and hope they’ll motivate you but in reality, you just go back for another “funny cat plots way to make owners life miserable” video on the suggestive sidebar and avoid adulting for another three hours. That’s the kicker. Why is it so much easier to fart around and do everything but what needs to be done than it is to actually get things completed? Seemingly, I feel this is an age old struggle for many of us and yet, there is sadly no cure.

I think I cycle through this whole thing about twice a day now. I’m sure it’s normal but I’m hoping I’m not the only one.

Anyway, the images above are shot from my little roadtrip around the Cabot Trail. They have absolutely nothing to do with this post/rant at all but I’m still obsessed with my new A6000 and love to show off what I’ve been capturing with it and I’m still procrastinating… See what I’m doing here…



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