St. FX Grads 2012

My roommates and a few friends are graduating this year so a photoshoot was needed. A little walk around campus to a few of their “favorite” places, especially the library, were visited! For those who don’t know, STFX is quite well known for their X-Ring. Every graduating student receives this ring on December 3rd the year they graduate. It is a very proud moment and is quite¬†recognizable around the world. For those who don’t know what STFX is, it is a University located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and is the¬†centrepiece of our community.

If anyone is interested in getting a similar shoot, contact me!



  1. Brilliant …X men and X women Glad to have become a part of the St.Fx family through Coady institute. Lazarus 2014

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