stfx graduation twenty twelve

I would like to congratulate a few of my favorite graduates from St.FX: Class of 2012! I had the honor of doing photos after their convocation yesterday and despite the dreary weather, there were many students, now alumni with huge smiles on their faces, not to mention their proud parents! Here are a few shots of the proudest people I’ve seen in a long time! Congrats, guys!

My roommate of two years, Justine Avery;  BSc. with her proud parents! Love this shot.

My hard working friend & favorite Cape Bretoner Victoria. I met Victoria in our first year at StFX after having no where to sleep our first night and slept in her bed. We’ve been best buds ever since and man oh man, I can’t even begin to express how proud I am! Over the past four years, she has finally completed her Bachelor of Arts and has been accepted to Dalhousie School of Social Work for this coming fall. Congrats girl & all the best!

My friend Peter & his mom hugging it out after he received his Bachelor of Music (Jazz Studies) with FIRST CLASS HONORS! Mighty proud of you bud! Thanks for being such a good friend and best of luck in all that you do. You’re a mean piano player – I guess this means you can play now!

Above: Brittany & her grandmother, Jean after receiving her Bachelor of Arts.

Below: Two generations of X Rings in the MacKeen family – Brittany and her uncle, Bruce with their rings!

Above: Meet my best friend since we were babies. I mean that too, our moms went to LaMas class together when they were pregnant with us. We’ve been through the best of times and the worst of times and we always will be. I am so proud of you, especially for pushing through this tough year. You’ve been the best friend, best roomie, best road trip pal & best person I know. Love you to pieces girl and I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you!

Below: Britt & her mom, Kathy!

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