sweetness in maryvale.

Ever feel “at home” somewhere? For me, the few years I lived in Maryvale were “home.” It was a place that I felt comforted, at peace and always well rested. When I was still living in Antigonish, I ventured to Maryvale a few times a week and envisioned where I would eventually put a home of my own. It always filled my heart so when Phallen messaged me about photos and said they lived in Maryvale, I was over the moon excited to capture their family there.

This session was immensely laid back. We used a few different locations. Fed the baby when he decided modelling was “not his thing” and focused very little on posed images so we kept the attention of a very busy & curious toddler. Everything about this little session made me very happy and I’m even happier with the finished images! DSC_3472copyDSC_3341copyDSC_3451copyDSC_3468copyDSC_3440copyDSC_3409copyDSC_3647copyDSC_3553copyDSC_3398copy