in-home sessions.

When I go home to my parents homes, I occasionally leaf through the photos from when we were kids. My dad, a photographer himself, was constantly capturing us and we have many photographs of us playing dress-up, exploring around outside, overflowing our Jacuzzi with bubbles, and lazying around the couch on rainy days. Those are the memories I want to remember forever. Those are the photos I want to someday show my own littles. Those were the good days and I hope I can capture the same feelings for my clients in their homes! DSC_0627copy

With the weather getting colder here in Nova Scotia, I find myself doing more and more photo sessions in-home. The photos are a true reflection of your family. They range from baking cookies with the kids, snuggling on the couch, playing dinkies on the living room floor, reading books to each other and sometimes even bath time.

The photographs show messy, well lived-in homes and families with full hearts and beaming smiles. The floors may not have been swept in weeks. You might have dishes piled up and laundry all over the place but guess what? I don’t care! That’s life. It’s chaotic. It’s messy. It’s your chaos and your mess and it’s perfectly perfect in it’s own chaotic, messy way.

Here’s a couple of my favourite “in-home” photos taken over the past few years! There were lots of messes, tickle fights, monkeys on the bed, giggle fits and overall, lots of love!

DSC_7797DSC_7839DSC_4708copyDSC_0681copyDSC_9848copyDSC_9578copyDSC_4447DSC_1766 (1)DSC_6688 copy



christmas with the pinkohs’ kids.

If you have kids, have been around kids or know a kid, you know all too well that they are incredibly unpredictable. There truly is never a dull moment and this session proved that! I’m still giggling from my morning spent with the Pinkohs’ kids!

To commemorate the first Christmas spent in their brand new house, we did a Christmas themed session and boy, did we have fun!  The kids showed me around their new property while telling me some of the best stories I’ve heard in a long time including “remember the time I ran over a kid when we were on vacation… but he was okay” and “remember the time we went to the beach and I gave that girl the finger?” coming from the youngest!! We had a blast!

Here’s some of my favourite shots from this very laid-back, very entertaining session!

DSC_2312 copyDSC_2345 copyDSC_2371 copyDSC_2413 copyDSC_2414 copyDSC_2427 copyDSC_2439 copyDSC_2460 copyDSC_2452 copy.jpg


newborn // caroline.

Newborn sessions have quickly become a favourite of mine. As much as I love newborn portraits, I have always gravitated to capturing the whole family, including the fur family! For me, having mum & dad in the photos is so important! Any parent will tell you that those first few weeks go by so fast making it ever more crucial to photograph them!

I love the raw moments that happen when I’m behind the lens – moments that might seem so routine that you might not think to capture them with an iPhone or camera on your own. I’m not really one to put a newborn in a basket and props. I’ve always enjoyed the at home atmosphere more!

Baby Caroline’s session was very laid back and casual. The focus was on the baby and a whole lot of snuggles! I’m so so so happy with these photographs and happy this little family will have them to cherish forever! BABYGROVER-0090BABYGROVER-0123BABYGROVER-0155BABYGROVER-0199BABYGROVER-0354BABYGROVER-0378BABYGROVER-0398

sweetness in maryvale.

Ever feel “at home” somewhere? For me, the few years I lived in Maryvale were “home.” It was a place that I felt comforted, at peace and always well rested. When I was still living in Antigonish, I ventured to Maryvale a few times a week and envisioned where I would eventually put a home of my own. It always filled my heart so when Phallen messaged me about photos and said they lived in Maryvale, I was over the moon excited to capture their family there.

This session was immensely laid back. We used a few different locations. Fed the baby when he decided modelling was “not his thing” and focused very little on posed images so we kept the attention of a very busy & curious toddler. Everything about this little session made me very happy and I’m even happier with the finished images! DSC_3472copyDSC_3341copyDSC_3451copyDSC_3468copyDSC_3440copyDSC_3409copyDSC_3647copyDSC_3553copyDSC_3398copy

newborn // ruth.

I met The Lukeman’s for the first time just after they introduced their first daughter, Cora, to the world a few years ago! I was over the moon when Ellen informed me they were expecting again and that they couldn’t wait to have me capture their growing family again!

Welcome to the world, sweet Ruth! You’re one lucky little peach with the sweetest family around!


s’more sessions.


They’re unpredictable, chaotic, usually kinda messy and it’s easier to corral kittens than it is the corral your family and make them smile at the same time for ONE photo.

Conversely, they’re adorable, heartwarming & oh SO fun.

A question I get asked most is “what is your favourite thing to shoot” and my answer is always families.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of capturing moments for so many families in the small town I’m based in and it fills me with the same amount of joy nine years later as it did the first time I photographed a family. I have captured a new addition within the first 24 hours of joining a family. I’ve been there for christenings, birthdays, and family reunions. I’ve been lucky to have some of my favourite families behind my lens three and four times a year and I’ve had other families who have never had a family photo and I get to take their first one. I’ve photographed multiple generations and at weddings, I get to capture two families coming together. In the past few years, I’ve also captured families facing a terminal illness who want to make sure they get a few more special photos with their loved one. These are never easy but those moments are a something to hold on tight to.

I’ve seen so much love happen on the other side of this lens of mine and it never ceases to amaze me. I’ve laughed and cried with families during sessions. I’ve been invited to dinner or in for a beer after sessions so many times I can’t count and I’ve made so many amazing connections that it makes my heart burst at the seams.

This year, I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to catch those little moments that families tend to capture on an iPhone but that will likely get forgotten in a cloud somewhere. I wanted to catch the bedtime routine, days at the pool, a picnic in the middle of a hike in the woods, or a bonfire at the beach. THESE ARE REAL MOMENTS that beg to be captured and I want to be able to do that.

I was able to get The Hayne family out for a “s’more session” at sunset and we mixed traditional photos in with a super fun bonfire/messy s’mores! Here’s the incredible results! I love love love these shots so much and had a smile on my face the entire time!


aaron & dale.

Aaron & Dale invited me to their acreage to shoot their engagement session. She described it to me and it sounded gorgeous but as I drove up their driveway, my jaw literally hit the floor! The property had beautiful trees, a rolling field, a massive rustic barn and so so so much more but it didn’t end there. I parked my car, got out and was greeted by a beautiful couple that have that sort of love for each other than you can just see when they look at each other!

Well, you throw all those things together and you don’t have a hard time snapping photos by the dozens!

Aaron & Dale, thank you for inviting me to your home. I’m incredibly excited to shoot their wedding at the end of June! Newborn Flynn-6397DSC_6383 copyNewborn Flynn-6389DSC_6284 copyNewborn Flynn-6264Newborn Flynn-6251Newborn Flynn-6203Newborn Flynn-6346Newborn Flynn-6323Newborn Flynn-6421DSC_6411 copy

robert & liesel.

I first met this adorable couple a few months back when we did their engagement session. Like many couples I meet with, this was their first time getting professional photos taken and like most, I think the experience was much less painful than expected! We had planned a sunset session but our sunset was a bust! Luckily, we still managed to get some great portraits that really show their love for one another. hbh_4728-copyhbh_4716-copyhbh_4688-copyhbh_4858-copyhbh_4755-copyhbh_4772-copyhbh_4775-copyhbh_4795-copyhbh_4825-copyhbh_4828-copyAnd just like that, Liesel & Robert’s big day snuck up on us. They had the most beautiful October day with sunny skies, a great breeze & perfect temperatures. Surrounded by their favourite people, the two exchanged vows at St. Andrew’s Church and had a few hours to do some photos. I’m so happy for the two of you! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!

sarah & tom // antigonish wedding.

Dear Tom & Sarah, 

Thanks for making me cry a thousand times at your wedding. For good reasons. The profound love you share for each other is so heartwarming that your feelings become contagious. The words swapped between you during your vows were so genuine and beautiful that I know there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Your sense of humour as the day progressed made every ounce of your wedding day one of the most fun days I’m sure not many will forget. Thank you for allowing my to be a part of your day! May the love that you share for each other never ever fade and I hope you keep the jokes flowing! 


Your sappy little wedding photographer.

Tom & Sarah’s wedding date got changed around a few times. When we finally settled on a date, the day started out beautiful and quickly progressed into downpours that you couldn’t see through. In case you didn’t know, a downpour isn’t optimal for an outdoor wedding. About 10 minutes after the ceremony was scheduled to go forward, the sky cleared up and it was go time for this beautiful couple. I meant it above when I said there wasn’t a dry eye in that yard (and maybe not a dry bum either as the chairs had been left out in the rain). Tom and Sarah’s words they exchanged were so captivatingly beautiful that everyone was deeply touched. It was absolutely beautiful!

We didn’t have much time after the ceremony to catch sunset BUT what we did catch was spectacular! The sunset that poured through the dark clouds at the top of Beech Hill was one of the most stunning I’ve ever seen. I was in my little happy place playing with the gorgeous light that glowed through the dark clouds!

Thank you so much, Tom & Sarah for including me in your day! It was truly a pleasure! 20160903-hbh_206720160903-hbh_208220160903-hbh_209120160903-hbh_217520160903-hbh_226820160903-hbh_2304hbh_2609-copy20160903-hbh_269020160903-hbh_297820160903-hbh_330920160903-hbh_320920160903-hbh_312720160903-hbh_307720160903-hbh_309820160903-hbh_304620160903-hbh_3949

trevor & sarah // antigonish wedding.

Sarah emailed me what seems like so long ago and explained she was getting married in Georgeville with a reception in Cloverville, both in Antigonish County! Trevor & Sarah had a traditional Catholic ceremony with friends and family filling the pews at the church in Georgeville. Once the ceremony was over, we headed out on a “tour of the Cape” which if you’re from Antigonish, you know what it means. If you’re not, it means you do a drive all around the 337 until it meets the 245 and you head back to town after you’ve gone all the way around! We took the wedding party all along the coast, stopping at perfect spots to grab a few pictures and enjoy the day! Thanks so much for letting me tag along on your incredibly fun East Coast wedding day!! hbh_6343-copyhbh_6349-copyhbh_6385-copyhbh_6406-copyhbh_6440-copyhbh_6836-copyhbh_6903-copyhbh_6952-copyhbh_6968-copyhbh_6995-copyhbh_7010-copyhbh_7026-copyhbh_7030-copyhbh_7037-copyhbh_7045-copyhbh_7156-copyhbh_7207-copy