ten minute tour.

I get off work early on Tuesday’s. They “release” me at 3 rather than 5 which is nice. Working “bankers hours” restricts you from having any time during the week to do things like get to the post office, the DMV, a doctor’s appointment so having an early day allows that! It also allows me to get home early, switch into a warm bundle of clothes and head out for some photos. I went just a few kilometres down the road from my house, just to the county line and back. I caught a gorgeous sunset in Arisaig and then came home.

Short and sweet.

This abandon house is settled in on HWY 337 about 3 kilometres away from my house. I’ve seen it a few times but always passed by. I peered inside and although it looked intriguing, I saw many little paw prints heading inside and decided not to proceed. I like the character the black and white brings out in this abandon home.

DSC_1277 DSC_1294

HWY 245 county line between Antigonish and Pictou county.


Arisaig – always a crowd pleaser if you’re looking for a perfect place to catch a gorgeous sunset!


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