the boucher’s.

I was invited to join Laurie, Jacques & their beautiful family at their beach cottage. The forecast had threatened rain a few days prior but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky that evening. To say we lucked out was an understatement.

The couple have been bringing their three children here for nearly two decades. They’ve spent endless days at the beach just a flight of stairs away and many nights stargazing around a fire once the sun went down. It’s a magical spot and I can see why they love it so much!

Our session was full of laughs, hugs and love. I often get people to hug in photos and each time I got them to do this, it was immediately followed by a kiss on the forehead. THAT’S A LOT OF FREAKIN’ LOVE! It comes so natural to this bunch and it tugged so hard at my heartstrings!

After we finished the photos, I was immediately thrown a beer and invited to sit by the fire. I was so captivated by the many stories the family had to share that I hadn’t even realized three hours had gone by. The cherry on top was listening to the memories the children’s grandparents, Neil & Charlotte had to share about watching the kids grow up.

I say it all the time but I’m so so so lucky to do what I do. This job puts the some of the most incredible people in my path and it just makes my heart so full!

Thank you so much guys for the incredible evening! It was a Sunday night well spent 🙂DSC_7732 copyDSC_7847 copyDSC_7776 copyDSC_7843 copyDSC_7825 copyDSC_7968 copyDSC_7932 copyDSC_7901 copyDSC_8024 copyDSC_8037 copyDSC_8049 copyDSC_8113 copyDSC_8102 copyDSC_8092 copy

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