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The winter months have started inching their way into my life again. I skipped them last year and enjoyed Australia’s summer instead. Now that the weather in Nova Scotia is getting cooler, I feel the winter already dampening my spirits and ambition. The winter months have a negative effect on many people. The drab weather, the cold, the hassle of bundling up and trudging out into the often knee deep snow is just too much for many of us. To battle my own struggles, I decided I would start doing more “lifestyle sessions” to keep my mind busy.

I threw a few things out on Facebook asking my friends to come forward to have coffee and have a free headshot taken. To my surprise, many jumped at the opportunity! So often, people say they hate having their photo taken and suddenly so many hands are up – maybe it’s because of the word “free” or maybe people genuinely want their photo taken; I may never know!

This morning, I had a little date with an old elementary school friend, Chelsea & her two month old baby girl, Kenadie. I’m beyond happy with the images I captured of the two of them and it was so nice to catch up with Chelsea after years of our lives heading in very different directions! A massive thank you to Chelsea for coming out & to sweet Kenadie for the snuggles – it’s been so long since a baby fell asleep in my arms & I think my heart is still in a puddle!


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