the lifestyle project | katie & shema.

Now that I’m pursuing photography full time, I admit I spend more time at home than I’d like. I’m not used to being idle. In fact, I thrive off being busy constantly. I complain about being too busy but the truth is that I live for it – it’s the only way I know how to function. I still wake up early in the morning. I still try to fit in some exercise. I still go get my coffee, shower and sometimes put pants that aren’t sweats on. I have abundant time to visit with friends, put a couple hundred kilometres on my car and take as many photos as my shutter will allow but there is still something missing. My days don’t feel like they should so I’m constantly trying to decipher what I need to fill that void.

I made it a point today to get out and accomplish something other than emails and binging another Netflix series. I lined up a little pizza date and convinced both wonderful ladies to let me capture them. The colours in these shots add so much to the portraits and I find their personalities radiate through these images vibrantly.

Thanks Kate & Shema for letting me capture your lovely faces after we stuffed them with delicious pizza! DSC_3735DSC_3732DSC_3761DSC_3780DSC_3785

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