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I’ve been trying to capture faces & expressions lately. With winter setting in a little more each day, I know I need to keep up my momentum and stay busy and interested in something over the darker months.

I’d shot several sessions over the weekend but managed to spend some time with family, which seems more rare the older I get. My family is typically reluctant to spend much time on the other side of my lens but I always get excited when they allow me to snap some shots. I do have my camera out a lot around them but it’s mostly because I love what I do and I don’t like missing moments. I love being able to document our lives so we have those images forever. My family tends to get irritated by this but when it comes time to remember a moment, I’m the one to blame because I didn’t have my camera, catch it or print it out, etc. I wish I could camouflage sometimes or sneak the photos I wanted of them without having to fight against them. I wish I didn’t have to fight to get a family photo because it might inconvenience someone but the reality is that you never know when your next opportunity may be.

The lifestyle sessions are shot under ten minutes in one location. I try to capture the natural characteristics and expressions. I just want to capture the person on the other side. These images hit me in the heart. More to come…

DSC_3272DSC_3112DSC_3121My sister, Olivia. You’d think this was taken in a majestic forest however, it’s just by our dreamy compost in our yard! DSC_3359My grandparents. My rocks. My favourites. For once, my nanny looked at an image of herself and didn’t have anything bad to say about how she looked. That’s a win!DSC_3385My mother. Also by the compost in a majestic forest setting. Proof you don’t need to go far to find great light! DSC_3322DSC_3341My brother, Lowell earned this jacket symbolizing that he was MVP for a game over the weekend. This is the second time this year Lowell proudly wore this jacket home from a game. He wears it well! DSC_3233DSC_3249Nikon D750 with Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART & Nikkor 85mm f/1.8.

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