the mountains are calling & we must go.

It doesn’t matter how many time I’ve seen the Rockies in the distance along the skyline of Calgary – my heart always longs to go. I love how small I feel when I’m in the mountains. I love looking at their faces, peaks and valleys. I feel at ease while I’m in the mountains.

We set out early to make the hill at a decent time. We managed to get a perfect day. Minus 4, sunny but the snow at Lake Louise Ski Lodge was slightly less than favourable with icy patches. There are worse things._DSC7096_DSC7104_DSC7110_DSC7114_DSC7115_DSC7119_DSC7129Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset_DSC7134_DSC7136IMG_3329So if any photo sums up my day – it’s probably this one. I lost the boys and ended up on a black diamond. To consider myself a skier by any means, would be a lie. I had gone a few times over the years with my ex, who is a MUCH MUCH better skier than I could ever be so while he would hit the insane hills and do insane things that I would constantly worry about and I’d stick to the one really long green hills and be content all day (minus worrying about potentially taking Luke home in a body cast.) I’ve rarely hit blue triangles and with icy conditions, black is basically a death sentence for someone of my skill level or lack there of especially after not being strapped in for over two years. I got separated from the guys because I couldn’t get myself slowed down (much like my skating ability, I could never grasp the concept of stopping.) I veered to the right, blurred down some deadly part of a hill before feeling beyond unsafe and unstable and tumbled my way into a snow fence in the most ungraceful way you can imagine with skis and limbs flying. Of course, grace isn’t what I was going for – humour was. Luckily a kind lady helped me get my feet untangled from the fence I was hanging from and I began to walk down – an even worse idea as I gained momentum and tumbled again. Those ski boots are literally skates somehow when it comes to venturing down a hill on ice. I sat down, feeling utterly defeated with slight dignity in tact and was approached by quite a few AMAZING, kind workers – one of whom knew people from Antigonish, talk about small world! Long story short, after chatting with a guy from Hamilton, Ontario and another from England, they decided to help me down with a “courtesy toboggan” where they literally strap you down with blankets and things and tow you behind a skier. Seeing as I had no dignity left – this was probably the best way to get down and get a drink into me at the Whiskey Jack Lodge after my traumatic experience (I’m over exaggerating a little for effect.) I was literally mind blown by the terrific staff at Ski Lake Louise – kind, interesting & awesome people! For the rest of the day, I wandered the hills, snapped a few photos and remained in awe of how beautiful the natural wonders of our country are. How lucky we are to call Canada home. _DSC7219_DSC7241_DSC7161_DSC7165_DSC7176This gondola takes you 2281m above sea level! The view literally take your breath away if the altitude doesn’t first. I caught the last run to watch the sun set behind the mountains._DSC7181_DSC7189It’s hard to get good photos when you’re travelling alone with a more complex camera than most are used to. I end up with a lot of selfies and the ones I try to get people to take of me end up out of focus. I just can’t bring myself to have a bunch of shitty iPhone photos if I have the chance to get a good one. I’ll have to do a crash course next time I go somewhere with an unlucky passerby. The freckles were out in full force along with the rosy cheeks and Rudolph nose!  _DSC7302Lake Louise, Alberta. Never ever ever disappoints. _DSC7284_DSC7275I am so so so happy I caught a moon rise in the mountains. A full moon would be incredible to capture. Someday… _DSC7336

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  1. Thank you for sharing your photos Hilary. I have been there and I too appreciate the mountains in all their
    splendor! I have never downhill skied though and applaud your bravery in doing so!

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