the underlying challenge.

I am starting to think the bigger challenge of the week is picking the theme. First of all, I would love to thank those who commented with their ideas! They are fabulous ideas and I will try to take a few shots of each so I don’t leave anyone out. I can’t wait to start this challenge off¬†tomorrow¬†morning. Keep an eye out for posts and see if your idea was one of the ones that was selected to be photographed. In the case that your idea was chosen, we will be in touch for your prize!!

Keeping up with photography is hard when you have a crappy schedule with a full time job. I find it very difficult to produce the photos that I want. A typical day for me involves waking up at 8am, getting ready for work from 10 to 6 and by the time I get off, it is cold, dark and I am very tired. These are excuses people make for not going to the gym, or not eating breakfast or not doing their hair in the morning but THIS SHOULD NOT be an excuse for a hobby that you are passionate about! This is a hurdle that I am working to get over. I also hope that in jumping this hurdle, it will also help me eat breakfast in the morning and go to the gym too! The underlying lesson here is about utilization of my awake time and will power/dedication to my life, my happiness and my overall health! Practice makes perfect and this challenge will show me that I CAN DO IT!


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    If everyone could do it there wouldn’t be anything special about an artist. Everyone ‘could’ be an artist if they wanted to since it has little to do with actual talent. The work of being and becoming an artist is mostly in the tedious details of everyday, putting in the time, practicing constantly, always trying new things. You might resent your day-job but it provides you with the income photography can’t yet provide. Use your free time wisely. Dark winter evenings are ideal for computer work where you can hone processing and printing skills, use the internet to obtain information on various techniques. Days off are your chance to get out shooting so get out there and blast away, let the RAW files accumulate for evening processing through the week. There is no other way to learn or improve. It never gets easier, as you improve your standards increase accordingly, making it harder to satisfy yourself. But that doesn’t matter – clicking the shutter button is the key, do that and every other challenge will fall into place.

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