Still slowly reentering the world of blogging again. As mentioned in my last blog, I have many plans on adventuring this year. So far, I’ve booked a trip to Alberta in April. I bought a one way ticket so far… I just wanted to do that once in my life. Knowing you can travel without being on a timeline will be a blessing I’m sure. I have intentions on revisiting St. John’s, Newfoundland, Montreal, Quebec and Kelowna, British Colombia over the next year. Most of these are music or photo driven adventures while Kelowna is going to be where I will challenge myself to run a half marathon. I hope to transform from a self-proclaimed couch potato to a hill climbing, stamina machine! All destinations are beautiful and diverse photo opportunities. To say I’m excited for them all would be an understatement! For now, I must sign off as I am on my way to Annapolis Valley to visit my best friend and younger sister. More travel!


Below has nothing to do with this post, but I just wanted to add a photo to it. This was taken in Mattie Settlement, Antigonish County at an abandoned mill. I wished I had a polarizer for that shot to get more of the motion of the water slowed down! I still like it.

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