twenty eleven in a nutshell.

Over the course of the year past, I had made many advances in my life. In January, I purchased my first camera body, my current Nikon D7000. A purchase I will never regret. I shot four weddings, a number of couple & engagement photos, and quite a few family shots too. An experience I will never regret. Over all, looking back, I had a very successful year as a new photographer in rural Nova Scotia. Also, in twenty eleven, I started this blog! With over 9000 hits since September, I would say that’s pretty darn good!

So far this year, I am blessed with good luck. I landed a new job, started a healthier lifestyle, have a vacation planned for February with my family and I have booked three weddings for this summer and one for twenty thirteen! I am seriously more alive than ever.

My goals for twenty twelve are to shoot more photos, to make more people happy & to continue to strive for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Setting realistic goals means it is harder to disappoint yourself, or others. I think these are all attainable goals!

for colleen, who hasn't seen this sight in far too long.

In closing, I would love to thank everyone who has supported me, my blog and my hobby not only over this year, but since I’ve started. I would like to thank those who let me photograph them and gave me the opportunity to spend time with you and your loved ones. Keep in mind that, as always, I am taking bookings for the future and I am always looking for creative beings to step forward to be my muse. I am always open to making sure you get the photos you are dying to have!

Thank you all again and may you all have a happier, healthier year.

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