twenty five isn’t so bad.

So I turned 25 today – a whole quarter century gone and hopefully three more to go! Birthday’s are a funny thing – they offer a time for reflection on your past years and really put into perspective how quickly the years go by. I’m only 25 and really feel the clock ticking already. At the same time, I’m also so proud to look back on the things I’ve accomplished over the past twenty five years including being a successful entrepreneur & an all around happy little human. I’m excited to see what lies ahead but I’m trying more and more to slow down things and savour the moments like a glass of fine wine. I’m blessed that my hard work has allowed me to start the second quarter of my life in Australia – something I honestly thought was unattainable but by keeping a close eye on the prize, I’m here and wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve always had a blinding snowstorm on my birthday so lying on the beach today was a welcome change, although there have been times in the last few weeks where I would do anything to feel the cold against my face and cozy up in a good sweater, my heated seats and watch the snow fall on the trees in Maryvale from a window in my little A-Frame tucked in the forest.


I’ve been quiet on the blog scene as internet is a hassle to get. I’ve been getting messages from my loved ones at home asking where my photos are and if I’m still alive. Now is my time to prove that I’m still kicking and living it up fully! Our rental isn’t equipped with broadband wiring and there are lengthly contracts even if there was wiring, so it isn’t suitable for us. It’s a real bugger especially when you’re accustomed to having unlimited broadband at your fingers and free wifi everywhere you turn so a little wifi stick that yields a few GB’s doesn’t allow binge watching Netflix for hours at a time – it’s bittersweet as it makes me actually go out and source other activities like swimming, adventuring out new surroundings and swimming of course. That being said, I’ll give a little update on my life in Australia.

Beth and I moved into a bungalow in Noosa, about 2 hours from Brisbane, where we landed on January 1st. We are located about a 10 minute bus ride from the downtown core and the main beach, but we are facing the Noosa River so we often don’t need to go very far to find paradise. We can literally walk out our front door and put our toes in the water. The views here are breathtaking, the people are friendly and the food is delish. Although we have been beach bums the last few weeks, we are beginning our hunt for employment these days. Money doesn’t grow on trees unfortunately.

I don’t have a whole lot to write about as I honestly haven’t been accomplishing much other than basking in funemployment on the beach but I’ll try. The hardest decisions we make in the run of a day are what bikinis should we wear today, what beach should we go to and what flavour Slurpee should go in our bellies to cool off our 100 degree skin. I am surprised at my lack of energy on a daily basis though. Although I enjoy not having a schedule to follow and not having any obligations, I find that I need a nap in the afternoon after only getting out of bed at 10am. I hate to say it but I honestly think I miss having a job to go to everyday. I do miss contributing to society and I think my bank account misses it too.

Our weather has been anywhere from 25-38 degrees. It’s a muggy heat that makes you sluggish and hungry all the time. The water is just as warm but feels refreshing all the same. I have learned to be more patient with my days. Public transit has taught me that things are never on time, that some people don’t believe in personal hygiene and that there’s a pretty good chance you should have just walked in the first place. I’ve learned that I say sorry for no reason, and that doesn’t apply here. Instead of saying “what’s goin on?” or “how are yah?” Australian’s often ask “how yah goin?” and I often feel like telling them that I’m not going anywhere but I’m doing fine… I don’t get it. When you use your bank card to pay for things, they want to select what account it comes out of – another thing that makes me super uneasy. If it’s one thing I’ve learned from working at a bank, it’s that security is top priority. If I wanted someone to know what account my money was in and then watch me put my pin in, I would just give you my pin.

I was forced to try Vegemite the other day by a friend in Brisbane, a traditional Australian household staple that they put on toast, sandwiches, crackers and other things I’m sure. I have been informed that it is made from the waste products of beer processing. I was hungover at the time of trying it which caused me to literally lose my stomach in the very nice breakfast restaurant we were dining in but, I pulled myself together and didn’t puke. Canadians like to dip things in maple syrup and ketchup, not something that has its primary ingredient as yeast and has a sodium content of 23940972432%. Watch the video to understand more. Kids don’t lie. My reaction was pretty much spot on. Vegemite video

Although I think some of the things in Australia are odd, they are great people and have a stunning country to call home.


Caught a birthday sunrise this morning. It was surreal and so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
DSC_1311 DSC_1287 DSC_1255

I got a new tattoo – Australia is officially under my skin forever. The tree reminds me of home so I’ll always have both to keep me relatively grounded.

Beth Blom: Best roomie/travel partner ever. Honestly, this girl keeps me sane. Always up for an adventure, always even tempered and spoiled me with a birthday cake of donuts this morning – what more could a girl ask for? DSC_1085

Pretty little tree down Hilton Terrace next to our bus stop.


These signs crack me up – they’re everywhere. I’m accustomed to driving on the “right” side of the road. I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve tried to enter the wrong side of vehicles as passengers, a few almost freak outs when we pull into the wrong lane of traffic which in reality is their right lane… It’s all around stressful. Back to the signs though, these puppies are everywhere. If I remember correctly, there aren’y many signs in Canada reminding us to stay on our side of the road so this strikes me funny. The photo below is how pedestrian lanes look – to me, it looks like how Australian’s want you to ride a bike – backwards and standing on the seat.
DSC_1096 DSC_1078

These birds are always in my front yard. No idea what they are but they are similar to parrots. They eat upsidedown and make ungodly noises at ungodly times of day.DSC_1021 DSC_1037 DSC_1014 DSC_1050Finally a little piece of home and a little piece of Bernice Smith 🙂

All in all, I’m not missing home much. Today has been the first day where I sort of missed it but I figure if I miss home, it will take away from my experiences here by dwelling on what I’m missing there. Travelling is about embracing the different places, cultures, etc that you see when not at home but knowing you’ll be able to enjoy the comforts and people you’re used to when you get back. Home will always be there, but travelling is an opportunity you may not always have. Hope everyone reading this at home isn’t freezing too badly. Thanks for following my adventures. Hopefully I have more things to share sooner rather than later 🙂


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