welcome to the world baby jaxon.

For those who know me, you know I am a huge advocate for having photos done in the hospital after a newborn is born. I believe it is essential to have photos of the little details you may forget, or in this day and age, that an iPhone or Blackberry won’t pick up as clearly. Many seem to think that photos taken with a mobile device will suffice (because, since we are being honest, the photos are just for Facebook anyway.) Well, I’m here to tell you, they are not. To put this into perspective, most mobile devices have cameras with less than 5.0MP and aren’t great in low light situations. They are often grainy and out of focus. If you rely on these devices, by the time your child asks you for photos of them in the hospital, not only will they be shocked that you didn’t make the effort to get better photos taken of the precious days when they were born but the photos you took approx. 20 years prior will be 100% obsolete. You will most likely never print and frame a photo you took with your iPhone and display it proudly in this situation. The conclusion of this rant is spend the extra money and have someone you know who is pretty camera savvy or hire someone to capture these precious moments. You will be proud to have high quality photos of your newborns wrinkly little features, how they are trying to stretch right out after nine months of being cooped up, the first looks, the tears of joy that family and friends may share as they meet your new addition for the first time, the gifts they have received, the balloons, the cords and wires, the blankets, EVERYTHING. Trust me.

Meet baby Jaxon Thomas. This precious bundle of joy was welcomed into the world just two days before I captured these photos. Although he was a little over 9lbs, his features are still tiny. I enjoyed capturing his wrinkly little fingers and toes, his clear skin, and especially the abundance of love in his parents eyes as they swooned over their new addition. He was more than happy to allow me to move him into poses after he had a full belly!

Thanks again to the family for allowing me to do the shoot.

little moments with dad.

snuggling with mom.

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