well hello twenty fifteen.

Dear Diary,

2014 was a great year. I did lots of cool shit.

Just kidding. This isn’t a diary, although it could easily turn into one. I’ve been trying to keep a journal, a blog and my own personal little book but it mashes into one pretty quick. Making reading content interesting and engaging can be a tough one to get right. Writing things I will look back on and know they were for myself are a whole other ball game. Comments are always welcome to help sculpt what I write about so if you, the reader, want to see more photography or hear more rants or live vicariously through my travels in Australia or wherever I end up, let me know what you find interesting and I’ll mash it into what I find engaging too!

2014 WAS a great year. I didn’t do as much “cool shit” as I would have liked as work controlled most of 2014’s 365 short days but I realized that one day, it essentially was my decision whether I wanted to let work control me or if I wanted to enjoy some quality of my life rather than work to live. We get stuck in a rut, accustomed to comfort, routine and knowing to some effect what will come when we wake up the next day but without challenges, how do we evolve? How do we change as a person? How do we make the best of each and every day and the best of each other? I have taken a lot of time to think about those things and pushed myself out of my comfort levels. I took it to a whole new extreme mind you, but I wouldn’t think twice about doing it any differently.

Over the year, I’ve had an amazing support net of family, friends and colleagues. We all have our good health and lots more to look forward to in the year ahead. The only things I’m leaving behind are any bad experiences like feeling overwhelmed and overstressed by times, my slightly unhealthy lifestyle, my 2004 Acura TL, and my  24th year. Another year closer to death and to my ass sagging towards the floor a little more as every year passes.

Reflecting on my recent post about New Years Resolutions, (follow the hyperlink to catch up) I forgot to write about being grateful for what you have in front of you every day rather than just making a stupid and likely selfish resolution that you won’t keep. There are many fixtures in life that aren’t permanent and life can change for an instant when they are removed, be it a family member, a friend, your favourite type of potato chip (which would be catastrophic in my case) or your regular coffee shop. Be grateful that you have those things every single day as there are many struggling without the basics, again be it the love of family and friends, a roof over their head and food in their belly, etc. My last two things I forgot were tell people you love them and capture moments of the ones you love because again, life can change quickly.

I’ll end this post on a happier note with a few photos of Brisbane while on the river taxi. It was around 33 degrees here today with rain in the morning and a sea of bats darting around the sky at 7pm sharp. The bats here are the size of small children, I swear.

Well, now that I’ve left you with a few things to think about, embrace 2015 with open arms! Although I would have loved to have rung the New Year in with my family and my other half, Luke, in Nova Scotia, and not in a different country, it has certainly given me a new perspective on what it’s like not to have all the things I love at my finger tips. I’m roughly 17,000 kilometres from home – not missing it yet but just coming to terms that I might have been taking some of what I have for granted.Wishing all a happy, healthy and all around wonderful New Year!


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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying reading of your adventures, Hilary. Keep them coming. Stay safe.

  2. hi miss hil i am back 2 work tomorrow and who is my wright hand man ??????????????????????????

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