what time difference?

We lucked out with a massive picture window overlooking a huge grove of large trees and grass space at our hotel. From here, we can see the airplanes coming and going, much like we’ve been doing for what seems like days. Brisbane in itself reminds me much of Toronto. It’s extremely muggy, busy and easy to get around. Things are insanely expensive compared to Canada. McDonald’s is the same price as at home which is nice, although I’m giving that up when I’m comfortable here and seeing as it was part of my New Years resolution and it’s now 2015 in Australia, so I should start following that. A 500ml bottle of water that, at home would be around $1.70 is $3.60 here and doesn’t taste the same. I have yet to go to a supermarket or liquor store but I’m sure they are also crazy expensive. Cell phone plans aren’t too shabby either – I managed to get 1GB/$4 a day with unlimited minutes and text – perfect for Facetiming and whatever else I need. Apparently, wifi is something that can be hard to find by times. The other wild thing… wait for it…

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 6.30.57 PM

Not that I expect to have a whole lot of downtime, THIS is still insane to me. No Netflix? Aussie’s have no idea what their missing out on (actually they probably have more of a mind than I have left due to binge watching Netflix…) but all that being said, someone needs to tell me when there are new episodes of The Mindy Project available!

Moving on, we expect to stay a few more sleeps in Brisbane but will hopefully start moving South towards the Gold Coast. We are currently 900kms North of Sydney – about a 45 minute flight away.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 2.22.12 AM

We slept most of the evening and forgot to put on an alarm first. We woke up at 11:50pm, enough time to run down and catch the wild fireworks for the New Years Eve bash, discover how friggin’ HUGE bats are here and quickly headed back to the room and the comfy beds. I’m soaking it up since the next few weeks will be filled with bouncing around hostels where we really won’t have our own space but will meet more people. We will likely do this until we find what part we like and settle into a holiday apartment. Ideally, a coastal town would be where I would chose to be. Somewhere much smaller than Brisbane but still accessible to most of the amenities that I’m so accustomed to.

The jet lag has started to sink in. I’ve figured that once I get my eating schedule sorted, sleep will come soon after. It’s a huge adjustment for anyone to make. I slept so oddly that I now find it hard to fall asleep again. I’m watching lightning dance in the sky over the airport. It’s mostly heat lightning but it wraps around the sky. For some reason, I can’t take my eyes off it. I forgot my GorillaPod and my charger for me GoPro at home. The GorillaPod would have came in handy for this next shot. I instead propped the camera up on a chair with a tube of tooth paste and my MacBook under it to give it a better angle of the sky. It was just a quick 3 second exposure with my 12-24mm Nikon lens set to f/8. I did catch a few other frames where the sky is much lighter but the definition near what I’m assuming is a hotel or professional centre of some sort is what I really like about it. We have a pretty great view up here on the 8th floor.

DSC_0942I suppose a little time away from the screens would be good for now to at least try and sleep for a few hours. I might consider picking up my portraits of a stranger while I’m here – a challenge I set for myself a few years ago where I would ask random people to be photographed. We’ll see. I’m sure my ambition level will grow as my sleep pattern becomes a little more normal in the coming weeks.



  1. Not sure if I can reply to this, Hilary, but I am very much enjoying reading of your adventure to Australia. I can’t wait to see the pictures. Be careful, and enjoy!!I am Lori Boudreau from Port Felix, Fallon Conway is my niece. I met you once in Guysborough Intervale.

    Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 16:44:36 +0000 To: l.boudreau@hotmail.com

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