world photography day.

HBH_5393 copy.jpgAbout once a month, Jon & I try to coordinate a day that works with our hectic schedules to get out and create some images. I guess part of me expected to shoot a lot yesterday. I had all my gear in the Tiguan. I expected to chase light as I often do and test out my new gear. In reality, I actually took 13 shots and modelled for the rest.

Full disclosure about what you just read. Yes, I modelled. No, I am not a model. I am a photographer but I think anyone can model if you have a body and someone who has a vision that can communicate to you how they want you in their composition. Luckily, Jon and his ridiculously creative mind directed me and I think I might have a new career opening up. Jokes. 100% jokes. I’m going to stick to the viewfinder side of the lens but it was really interesting to be a subject for once.

We spent 90% of our day without cell service. We immersed ourselves deep in the woods and I think I can confidently speak for both of us when I say we are happiest outside. For a few hours, my mind wasn’t plagued with the overwhelming workload I’m facing. I have been emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted over the last few weeks and I needed a day to just be. Nothing else. Maybe it doesn’t make sense but when life is spinning around at Mach 4, to slow it down for even an hour lifts an enormous weight.

I barely touched my camera yesterday. I composed images in my mind. My fingers felt their way around the controls even though my camera wasn’t in my hands. I watched light hit objects in front of me and took mental snapshots and for me, that was enough. I don’t need more images to sit on my computer adding to the overwhelming pile of edits that need to be culled and processed.

Jon and I both have incredibly different styles when it comes to capturing images. We enjoy shooting different things and we interpret scenes differently. We see light in such a different manner and realizing that was something I’m excited to build on in the future to see what we can create as two separate minds. I’m ridiculously excited to see what he came up with on our adventure. It was fascinating to be a subject and watch him work excitedly around the scene but not truly understanding what he was seeing.

As a photographer, I’ve always admired Jon’s work but when you take his camera away and see him as a human being as I’ve gotten to do over the last few months, that’s where the mad respect comes in! In less than a year, I’ve gotten to know a kind, selfless, sometimes sarcastic but mostly funny kinda of guy. He’s my “go-to” adventure buddy. He’s the receiver of my “middle of a wedding shoot & I need to rant” messages. He’s a compassionate, would do anything for yah, hard working, supportive and above all, a very humble person. I’m lucky to have his creative influences as well as his friendship and in saying that, I’d love nothing more than to recognize one of my favourites, Jon Brown, on World Photography Day as someone who consistently inspires me & more often than not, gets me out of my little creative ruts! Thanks for being you, Jon!

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